Content Management Services


Collecting important information about the field, to define the audience and target customers, organizing and editing it, and publishing it in an appropriate and expressive manner in a precise and clear and attractive, in addition to different types of editing and translation services.


Awareness campaigns and knowledge dissemination

Develop knowledge content on issues of social and cultural awareness, health and the environment, etc., and put it in a scientific way, and provide a necessary tools for media ,social promotion means, to reach for the largest possible segment of the target.


Marketing & Promotion Media

Managing marketing campaigns, promoting an organization’s products, strategy, produce ideas to publishing it, preparing a necessary content, promoting and publishing it, managing media campaigns, providing appropriate media content, organizing press conferences and managing the relationship with different kind of media.



Social Media

– Management and preparation appropriate knowledge content for institution, on various social networking sites, and managing the relationship with social media.

– Website content management and specialized media pages.

Statistics services

– Transfer qualitative information to statistical data, and the preparation, design charts for this area, and the collection of statistical data, analysis scientific and electronic development.

– Collecting a research data required for the achievement of scientific research, collecting research data in the field and theory, and converting it to electronic information.


Measurement instrument content

Including the construction of standard measurement tools, and proposals for the construction of new tools, such as preparation of opinion polls and trend scales, psychological and educational measures, performance indicators for employees and workers in different sectors, questionnaires and other measurement tools required by research, studies, research and commercial institutions, and the possibility of developing work in these fields electronically.

Preparation research and academic studies, and develop a specialized content.