About US

Electronic services company, specialized in knowledge management with its comprehensive concept , provides consulting and executive services to government, and private institutions and authorities, according to contracts had involved in accordance of accepted laws.

Our vision

Provide process management services, which help organizations to generate, organize, use, and publish knowledge, and transform important information and experiences that organizations and organizations have into effective tools in various management activities.

Our Mission

Assist in decision making and problem solving, raise staff performance, develop strategic plans, increase learning opportunities among employees and provide tools to help them build healthy relationships with clients.

The Foundation builds value from its knowledge-based intellectual elements to the best Practices, as well as the management, promotion and dissemination of corporate knowledge content, in all its aspects.

Our goals

Providing quality services, raising the level of knowledge content available on the Internet in Arabic language, improving knowledge quality content, expressed by institutions operating in the public, and private sectors, and the overall community issues.

It is necessary mentioning, that this company is a development of the company “Pioneers of the Future” previously, which has been converted to an electronic services company, and continue its same activities